Development and Optimisation of a PCR-System for Detection of Beer-Spoiling Bacteria

In the case of this study a real-time PCR screening-system was developed and optimized to detect lactobacilli / pediococcus based on specific identification primers. Research was conducted regarding crossreactions and detection levels of the primers.

The experiments showed the that the identification primers where applicable for real-world solutions. They can be used individually for identification as-well-as combined in a screening-system based on taqman-probes.

Only exception was the primer - designated col1- for the detection of pediococcus damnosus who because of his high level of cross reactions.

The developed screening-system based on the identification primers detects the wanted microorganisms (L. brevis, L. lindneri, L. coryniformis, L. casei, L. plantarum, L. parabuchneri, P. damnosus, M. cerevisiae und P. spp) at sufficient detection levels.

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