Internationalisation in the Brewing Industry - a Chance for German Breweries?

This seminar paper defines - as an orientation - the keyword globalisation as an ongoing, developing economical process. Internationalisation is denoted as the activity of partaking enterprises in foreign countries.

A comparison between the activities of foreign breweries in germany and activites of german breweries abroad shows the deficiencies of the german brewing industry regarding internationalisation in the world market.

As a reason for the entry in the export market the evasion of the local german market characterized by eliminatory competion is introduced.

The methods of internationalisation are differenciated by the location of the production of goods and services - overseas and inland. Prerequesite for enterprise wishing to develop a foreign market is the willingness to face market specific and also traditional barriers. The different forms of internationalisation are also dependant on the size of the enterprise and the amount of potential resources.

The summary comparison of export data of selected breweries shows that the entry in a foreign market is a solid base for growth in big as-well-as medium sized breweries.

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